5-9 year olds

Introduction to Music, 5-9y

  • one 60 minute class each week
  • up to 6 students per class
  • ideal for a beginner level introduction to music
  • kids ages 5-9
  • involves moving activities, learning rhythm, piano, singing, and percussion
  • share lesson time with peers
  • fun, integrative learning environment
  • unlimited Piano Maestro, Tonara for Practice, and other high value app access
  • all standard curriculum materials (including individual sheet music purchases, curriculum materials and resources)
  • additional classes and performances throughout year

Fee Schedule:

Explorers class (60 minutes, weekly)$100 per month$50 per year
*Registration covers all materials and activities for the year

Sign up here:

*$75 deposit required to reserve class/lesson time and will be directly applied to your account