Welcome to Red Oak Music

Welcome to Red Oak Music

Looking for piano lessons near Red Oak? Red Oak Music is the new teaching studio by Regina Graham. I have been a citizen of Red Oak, Texas for over 10 years. As a Red Oak mom, I have volunteered my time to be involved with my boys’ schools, from Eastridge Elementary to Red Oak High. My oldest graduated in 2018 and my youngest is still a student here. We landed in Texas after moving around the country for 4 years and have loved it from day 1.

I have been offering piano and other instruments lessons around Red Oak since we moved here. As my kids have grown and my role as a stay at home mom have changed. I find myself needing to fill more time and want to give my love of music back to the community that has provided so many opportunities for my family.

Since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of opening a place where kids and adults could come explore learning music in a fun and relaxing way. My personal teaching philosophy is to encourage growth and learning while fostering a comfortable environment. In my lessons we discuss mindfulness and how practices used in music learning can translate to other areas of life.

Whether you have a casual interest or a lifelong dream, come see what Red Oak Music has to offer!

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