Welcome to Red Oak Music

Looking for piano, violin, or guitar lessons in Red Oak, TX? You’re in the right place!

Red Oak Music was founded by Regina Graham, a resident of Red Oak for over 10 years, and is now located at 101 Austin Blvd, Suite 800 in Red Oak!

As a mother, Regina has volunteered her time in Red Oak schools and has a deep affection for the community her family calls home.

Whether you are looking for a fun hobby or to fulfill a lifelong musical dream, Red Oak Music can help you achieve your musical goals!

Contact us for more information.

*Coronavirus Update:

Given the recent school and business closures, Red Oak Music is moving all lessons to an online format. While the social climate is daunting, our hope is that Red Oak Music can remain a fun and interactive outlet for you to explore music. I am doing all that I can to improve our music learning together and am excited to bring more resources and opportunities to you and our community as we learn and grow together!