We are excited to announce that Red Oak Music is an officially licensed school with KidzRock!

KidzRock is a program geared specifically for children who might not be ready for regular music lessons but want to still have the experience of participating in a band, performing their favorite songs, and learning about music!

Red Oak Music’s KidzRock program will introduce students to multiple band instruments including:

  • Piano/keys
  • guitar
  • drums
  • vocals/singing

KidzRock students will perform concerts throughout the year as each week they will work on adding to their playlist.

When students are ready to take the next step, instructors at Red Oak Music will help your family make the best choice for their music education based on the experiences they had with KidzRock!

Join us today!

Sign up here:

*$75 deposit required to reserve class/lesson time will be directly applied to account